Tuesday, January 31, 2006


We began are very first CASW meeting on the 18th of Jan with Hema as the Presenter and Koshy playing the role of facilitator.
Hema showed us , the participants a PPT done by her standard nine students on the dry cell battery.Her key questions were as follows:
  • How to assess if enough research has been done by all the participants
  • How to assess if learning has happened
  • What are the different ways in which student can face an audience without fear

Personally I felt that Hema could have tried to quiz the student after the presentation and positive feedback.Another suggestion was to make each student explain a bit of the presentation and tell them that marks will be alloted for team work as well as individual effort.

In the course of the presenter reflection ,Hema realised that she could have asked for a bibliography for the project .She also realised that she could have monitored student work at regular intervals.

All in all , the discussion gave all of us a clear picture about how to handle and monitor student work esp.when they work in teams and how to ensure that each student has benefitted from the exercise.