Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New year New job!!!!!!!

Hi people,
Kindly forgive me for this rather last minute post!!!!!......
When G.N was explaining her transition phases in the teaching it put me in mind of someone I know very well ..........MYSELF!!!!!
As soon as I finished my M.Sc in Clinical psychology, the thought of not getting a job plagued my mind. Being in this state of fear, I grabbed the first job that came my way!!I worked at Eduquity-an HR assessment services company as a HR consultant. Initially I was enjoying every moment of my job and the perk's that go along with it but so the pressure and expectation of my seniors got the better of me!!!!........one day I thought that I am losing sleep, losing social contact with the outside world and most importantly my peace of mind slogging in a job which expects me to meet up to somebody else's expectation of what they want me to be!!!!........so on Dec 25th (the day the saviour was born) I put in my papers and declared myself free from bondage!!!!

Then came my dream job(atleast I thought it was ) ------ I got anopportunity to work in NIMHANS as a junior research fellow with the top neuropsychologists in the country!!!!....Man , was my life made or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......with great sense of enthusiasm and excitement I got onto the job at the word go!!!!!!!................................slowly I saw that even here I was expected to do things against what I believed in!!!!.........so at the end of the second year i tended in my resignation and heaved a sigh of relief that I will not be subjected to torture any longer!!

By now I was very clear that I will not hastily jump inot any job but sagaciously make my choice!!!!..........also questions like what is my purpose to life!!?......what is my true calling in this lifetime!!?....ensued me in deep thought and contemplation!!....then I decided that I would like to try my hand at the social sector.esp work in the area of womens mental and physical health matters.

It was like the universe just dropped a jib in my lap that would help me fulfill this need !!....I landed a job with Prof Gita sen at the IIM(B).It was a tremendously rewarding experience working with her.She has inspired me in so many ways and changed my perspective of reality .My stint in IIM was indeed a growth -filled one.I thank the universe for giving this experience!!

Now I am a teacher at Aditi.When I was asked if i would liked to teach I laughted loudly and even loudler when the person said she was serious!!!!!!!!.......but I guess in life we often do things that we would never have thought of ourselves capable of doing!!!!!!!!!........I am making my discoveries and assessing myself in this profession.I think it is a bit too early to comment on this job !!!....


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